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Project Services

Customer friendly helpdesk

A helpdesk designed to meet your needs

No queuing, no call routing, no call logging, no nonsense. We put you straight through to the engineer who can help you with your problem. We select our engineer for their phone and personal skills before we even check their technical ability. We know you are stressed and we aim to help, not make it worse.


What People Say


We have found having the TekSupportUK team as our IT service a great advantage to our growing business. The phone line support quickly resolves any day to day issues with software that we have


TekSupportUK have enabled our business to work more cost effectively and in multiple locations.


No one likes ringing a helpdesk. You only do it if you have a problem in the first place. But their helpdesk  is a pleasure to use. You get straight through to an engineer . They fix 90% of my problems remotely on the first call. They focus on getting me back up and running as soon as possible

Active monitoring and maintenance

Advanced support systems keep you running faster for longer

Our powerful support systems and our highly trained engineers monitor and maintain your network and your computers, identifying and resolving issues before they disrupt your staff.

Preventing faults occuring in the first place is what helps us save you money and keeps your staff happier.



Secure - Updates/ Patches/ AV

Reduce costs

Improve uptime

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Add others

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customer friendly

Engineers you feel comfortable talking to.

Calls without queues, routing or logging.

Access to fast help when you need it.

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90% fast remote fix

95% call outs on site within 2 hours

Guaranteed 4 hour hardware fix

Bare metal recovery

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Site Engineering

We get to you fast, when you have a serious problem

For those problems we can't solve remotely we get an engineer to you quickly, often within the hour.

We offer guaranteed hardware fix times and a bare metal recovery service (ask us, using the contact button) if you need to be back up and running in a hurry.


Beyond the call of duty

We help with all aspects of your IT not just the obvious ones

We have arrangements with several strategic partners who can help you to make sure you have the right IT Policies and Procedures in place. The right insurances to cover you for Cyber crime. The very best copier, printer, scanning equipment or even document management systems. We have partners who can help if you need to alter the wiring in your office or if you need your website changed. We don't just provide a standard IT support service.

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