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What do you need from an IT Service Company? 

What do you need from an IT Service Company? If you are going to trust the running of your computers and systems within your business to another company, you should have a good idea of what you expect to get from them. This can help you when choosing which company to use and can help you measure how they are performing once chosen. 
We believe that you should be looking for the following 
Great advice - no gobbledegook, focus on what you do and what would be the best technology to give your business an advantage over your competitors 
Confidence that your IT will be more reliable, fewer things will go wrong with your technology 
You will get better performance - daily, weekly and monthly maintenance will make it perform faster for longer 
Less downtime - by getting the right things in place when something does go wrong, you will be able to recover quickly 
Availability when something does go wrong - get straight through to an engineer, who you can understand. No call routing, call logging or call waiting. 98% of calls to us are answered by the engineer who will help to solve your problem. 
Get someone straight out to site for more serious problems. Our focus is always to get you back up and running, sometimes that means finding other ways to get you working so that the technical problem can be dealt with without 
Great value for money - great prices - no long term contracts - predictable costs 
Only pay for what you use - should you need to add or remove services, the bill is adjusted immediately 
Your business as a result has far less risk, meaning fewer worries for you 
Your time is freed up, less time dealing with staff complaints about IT means more time to focus on increasing profits 
We would say that though, because that is what we provide to customers throughout Yorkshire. 
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